What do we need for our skin during this time of crisis?

Staying at home is something that we are all having to get used to more than ever. With job losses and business closures comes the loss of income which hits us all hard, we will struggle with everyday life that we once took for granted.

Stress is going to more than likely be the main cause of our skin issues.

What can we do to protect and nourish our skin while at home . .

1. Try to drink at least 3 ltrs of water per day hydration is first and foremost;

2. Add Fish Oil or Hemp Seed Oil to your supplement routine;

3. Add Evening Primrose Oil (GLA in Evening Primrose is known to help reduce inflammation);

4. Add Vitamin C for antioxidants and healthy immune system;

5. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables;

6. When you have a shower have the water luke warm as a hot shower will dry your skin;

7. When your next cooking with olive oil pop a little bit into your hands and rub in.. its amazing what a little bit of olive oil can do for your hands;

8. Massage your face and neck with your hands, facial roller or gua sha.. you can use an oil or serum;

9. Daily meditation to relax our mind and body;

10. Try and set a routine to get a least 8 hrs of sleep, this helps reset our immune system.

A little extra help for your skin at home:

If your skin is feeling dry try steaming your face over a warm bowl of water once a week, you could also warm up hot towels in the microwave add with some essential oils like patchouli or ylang ylang for a little bit of pick me up. This will help with your circulation, open and clean your pores for a deeper cleanse and soften your skin. "be careful when steaming your face you don't want to burn yourself.

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